Energy Efficient Construction

Energy Efficiency, First and Foremost

At Ertl Homes our goal is to achieve a high energy performance home through our whole house green construction strategy. The following is some of our construction techniques that we use to improve energy efficiency and promote healthier living:

Six Components of an Ertl Green Built Home

  1. High performance windows
  2. High efficiency heating and cooling
  3. High indoor air quality
  4. Upgraded insulation package
  5. Advanced energy construction techniques
  6. Water efficiency and conservation

Standard Green Construction Package

1. High Performance Windows

  • Windows with Low -E (low emittance) coating.
  • Argon gas between the glass to keep heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer.
  • Windows frames with advanced technologies to minimize temperature transfer.
  • Window warranty: Lifetime parts, 20 years glass.

2. High Efficient Heating and Cooling

  • Standard High Seer units
  • Properly sized HVAC units
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Mastic sealing on ductwork connections to minimize air leakage.
  • Gasketed HVAC boots

3. High Indoor Air Quality

  • Intake duct bringing in outside air replacing stale interior air
  • Media Filter System: MERV- 8
  • Air returns in every bedroom
  • Low VOC wall paint for air quality
  • Low VOC carpet for air quality

4. Upgraded Insulation Package

  • Insulation foam envelope
    • Icynene sprayed on rafters
    • Icynene sprayed in exterior walls
  • Polycell foam windows, doors, and headers
  • Seal door sills
  • Spa/tub wall areas pre-insulate
  • Create additional air space in vaulted ceiling by dropping the ceiling line and installing corrugated baffles.
  • Seal exterior walls electric boxes.
  • Secure air infiltration areas between floors.
  • Insulate scuttle hole doors.

5. Advanced Construction Techniques

  • Properly installed and sealed Tyvek house wrap for a sealed thermo envelope.
  • Insulate wall corners, tees, and headers during framing stage.
  • Full shingled ridge roof ventilation to reduce attic temperatures.
  • Continuous perforated soffit system to increase attic air circulation.
  • Outside vented bath exhaust fans.

6. Water Efficiency and Conservation

  • ENERGY STAR water heaters
  • Low flow Moen fixtures and shower heads
  • Water efficient toilets
  • Irrigation rain sensors

7. Lighting and Appliances

  • ENERGY STAR rated fixtures
  • Additional recess lighting to reduce interior heat temperatures
  • CFL lighting (optional)
  • ENERGY STAR appliances
    • Refrigerator
    • Dishwasher
    • Washer & dryer

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