Why Buy New?

Many homeowners wrestle with the decision on whether to build new or to buy a used home. Here are a few advantages to building new.

Energy Efficiency

A new Ertl home is much more energy efficient than homes built just a few years ago. There have been huge advancements in building sciences that can make a new home 30%-plus more efficient. Just two energy areas – full foam insulated walls/roofs and higher air conditioning SEER ratings with humidity controls – give new home owners substantial monthly savings.

Modern Architectural Designs

A new Ertl home, with current styles, accents, tiles and design selections minimizes the need to redecorate an existing home with painting, countertops, plumbing & electrical fixtures, hardware & flooring and more.

No Cost Repairs & Maintenance

A new Ertl home with the builder’s and manufacturer’s extended warranties greatly minimizes unseen costly repairs for an existing home. This includes roofing, HVAC units, plumbing fixtures, water heaters, appliances and more.

Enjoyment & No Surprises

Sometimes you simply cannot put a price on the enjoyment of a fresh new home.

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