Energy Efficient

At Ertl Homes our goal is to achieve a high energy performance home through our whole house construction strategy. The following is some of our construction techniques that we use to improve energy efficiency and promote healthier living. Our goal is to have every home we build as a high performance, sustainable, healthy, energy efficient home.

High Efficient Heating and Cooling

  • Standard 16 SEER units
  • Properly sized HVAC units for top efficiency
  • Programmable thermostats with humidity control
  • Mastic sealing on ductwork connections to minimize air leakage
  • Gasketed HVAC boots

Advanced Construction Techniques

  • Properly installed and sealed Tyvek house wrap for a sealed thermo envelope
  • Insulate wall corners, tees, and headers during framing stage
  • Outside vented bath exhaust fans

Where Our Home Energy Is Used

Heating & Cooling 50% - 60%
Water Heating 15% - 20%
Appliances 10% - 15%
Lighting 6% - 10%

Benefits of Energy Efficient Construction

Healthier Living

An Ertl high performance home has reduced indoor air pollutants and improved ventilation, giving your family cleaner air and improving the overall livability of your home. With superior indoor air quality we can provide a healthier living environment for you and your family.

Lower Utility Bills

With increased water and energy efficiency green homes cost less to heat, cool, and maintain, saving you thousands of dollars over the life of your home.

Increased Value

A green home offers greater durability and energy efficiency, which increases both the appraised value of the home, an to an even greater extent, the resale value.

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