Remodeling / Renovation Process

Homeowner Planning

Before we view your home, it would be helpful for you to develop your remodeling desires on paper, including floor plan changes, specifications, and your budget range.

Initial Home Visit

At our initial meeting, we would review your plan, specifications, budget, and the home site. During our inspection of the potential remodel area, we will be able to offer you from our professional experience practical suggestions to help meet your remodeling objectives. Also, if the remodel involves an addition, a copy of the survey, neighborhood restrictions and set backs would be helpful.

Second Visit

After the first visit, we will review pictures and draw up a list of specifications along with a diagram of the initial plan. This visit may require the service of our drafting designer to begin to draw the floor plan. This may also be the time to bring in an experienced designer to help you with your selections. The designer is your option.
After the second visit, we will be working with the draftsman on your floor plan and will further develop both the specifications and an estimation of costs.

Third Visit

At this time we will review the floor plan design, specifications, and costs. Our clients often prefer an estimate early in the process. If the plans, specifications, and costs are acceptable, we will push forward to the final plan, detailed specifications and the exact price.

Agreement / Start Date

When the specifications, plans, and remodeling contract are agreed upon, we will coordinate a suitable starting date and begin construction.

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